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Gorilla Tag The Top-Rated Quest Game Comes To The Meta Quest Store

Gorilla Tag The Top-Rated Quest Game Comes To The Meta Quest Store

Gorilla Tag is undeniably fascinating and has become a virtual reality craze. This game features a very little scope, simplistic game mechanics, and limited graphics. The game Gorilla Tag is on the Meta Quest store and it remains available to all Quest users for free. Gorilla Tag has attracted a devoted community of over 5M unique users playing, discovering, and socializing in its virtual reality world since it was initially made available on App Lab and Steam in the year 2021. The majority of these people access the game through App Lab. This game offers a pleasurable and engaging multiplayer VR experience while being simple to learn and play. Thus, let’s read this article if you are the one who is unaware of the gorilla tag.

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Gorilla Tag Introduction

Gorilla Tag Introduction

Gorilla Tag is a virtual reality game developed by Another Axiom LLC that mixes the well-known playground game with distinctive locomotion mechanics to enable moving using only arms to chase or elude other players, practice movement skills, or only socialize. There are a variety of game settings available, including the ability to change your appearance, the game queue, and even adding your own spin by making modifications. When it was in Early Access, Gorilla Tag was accessible on App Lab, Sidequest, and Steam. On December 15, 2022, it was taken off of early access and launched on the Quest store as an official game. The game was developed in Unity and works with the majority of PC-compatible virtual reality headsets in addition to Meta Quest, which was made to provide cross-platform play with the both Steam VR and VR headsets. In Gorilla Tag, a game for up to ten players, the world is your playground across six distinct levels with diverse environments. Six levels and four game modes are all that Gorilla Tag offers right now. These are the six levels: forest, city, caves, mountain, canyon, and clouds. Tag, Infection, Hunt, and Paintbrawl are among the four game modes. To hang out and chat with pals, there are also private rooms available. Players create their own rules in its emergent activities.  It has a self-expression with customizable characters. 

Gorilla Tag can be played without VR. The Gorilla Tag game’s Meta Quest setup allows for non-VR gameplay. Without the need for a VR headset, you may simply launch the game in desktop mode.

Overview Of Gorilla Tag’s Gameplay

Overview Of Gorilla Tag's Gameplay

Gorilla Tag is a distinctive locomotion mechanism that requires you to move by using your arms as legs. You will be guided through a tutorial when you initially join, during which you will need to walk, jump, or alternatively, wall jump. You will then be dropped into a public Infection match in the Forest. The Stump and Igloo serve as the game’s primary hubs. In the Quest and Sidequest versions, you begin with 500 shiny rocks, whereas 5500 in the Steam and Oculus PC versions. Cosmetics are bought using Shiny Rocks, a form of currency. 

How To Play Gorilla Tag?

How To Play Gorilla Tag?

Here are the steps for playing gorilla tag.

  1. Download Gorilla Tag through the Quest Store.
  1. Launch the Gorilla Tag.
  1. You will be required to sign in if you already have an account or to create a new one.
  1. After logging in, you will be brought to the main lobby where you will see a massive tree with many branches.
  1. To play a game, approach a branch and press the A button on your controller to show a list of currently active games. 
  1. Select a game, then press the A button on your controller to join the game.
  1. The game will start automatically, and you will be directed to the game lobby.
  1. To exit the game, push the Menu button on your controller.


Gorilla Tag, the multiplayer virtual reality phenomenon in which the player’s locomotion is tied entirely by using their hands. Instead of moving their bodies or utilizing the joysticks on the controller, they only use hand motions to move, jump, and climb. The name comes from the cartoonish gorilla-like player avatars. This game is now available free from the Meta Quest Store. If you have not played this game, try it right away!

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