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Cognizance 2023, IIT Roorkee

Cognizance 2023, IIT Roorkee 

Cognizance is back with its offline three-day extravaganza. 

Experience the ultimate tech extravaganza at Cognizance 2023! IIT Roorkee’s annual tech-fest is back with a bang from March 24th to 26th, 2023, providing many events, workshops, and guest lectures by famous personalities. Pro-nights include stand-up shows, concerts, and much more. With its unmatched excellence, Cognizance is the second-largest tech-fest in Asia. Join the finest minds in innovation and technology and register now for Cognizance 2023. 

Cognizance started in 2003 with the vision to collaborate with young technical minds to produce a synergic technical mélange. With each edition, the factors added to make Cognizance what it is today- a technical extravaganza known for its thrilling competitions and mind-boggling exhibitions. Initial versions of Cognizance witnessed the participation of over 1000 students from more than 100 colleges. With each edition, the factors grew to become what they are today. Cognizance has reached its zenith since its inception. The unique part of the festival is the departmental events, which allow for the showcasing of individual talents in their respective fields. Over the years, thousands of students have unveiled their skills; they are excelling in their careers by contributing to society and technology. 

The COSMOS RENASCENCE is the theme for Cognizance 2023. India’s young minds would come together in their pursuit of excellence. 

Workshops are the spine of Cognizance. We have heard about machine learning, artificial intelligence, data science, and many more pathways leading to our future. Professionals from the abovementioned sectors shall be invited to the workshops to introduce such fields. A total of 18 workshops are going to be organised this year. IML & AI workshops by IBM, Deep Learning by Mathworks, Intel Workshop – ML, Abstraction of C++, Basics of NLP by, Data Structures and Algorithms by GFG, App Development by Zoho, Web Development using React, Python programming, IoT by Robotronix, Data Science by EI Systems, and Drone Workshop by Agrob Apart from technical workshops, several workshops under the business and finance segment are there, like the stock market workshop by BSE India and cyber security by Tech Defense. 

Events create a stage for the country’s young minds and tech geeks. Cognizance 23 has come up with several technical as well as non-technical events. The major categories of events are:- Robotics, Sky High, Algo Arena, Business and Finance, Cogitation Summit, Department-based Research paper presentation, Off the cuff, and Gaming. Moreover, there is a total prize worth 50 lakhs, including cash prizes, in which some of the significant events are: Armageddon (bonuses

worth INR 4.5 lakhs), Evorush (prizes worth INR 2.3 lakhs), Probozance (prizes worth INR 3 lakhs), Cyborg Break In (cash prizes of INR 80K), Ware Wizard (fellowships worth INR 3 lakhs), Aerohelix (fellowships worth INR 3 lakhs), Innovwave (fellowships worth INR 3 lakhs), Inspectron (fellowships worth INR 3 lakhs), Flight Fury (fellowships worth INR 3 Lakhs) and many more. Apart from these, several departmental events will take place in collaboration with different departments of IIT Roorkee, testing the skills of the brightest minds in India. 

When the topic of cognizance pops up in a group discussion, pro nights are the hottest topics to discuss. Cognizance hosts various pro nights, which provide a break from intense technical competitions and allow participants to relax and have fun. The performers are none other than famous singers, stand-up comedians, music bands, DJs, and many more. Past performers include Harsh Gujral, Zakir Khan, Rahul Dua, Guru Randhawa, Nucleya, KK, etc. 

Cognizance is not only famous for its technical fests but also for the value it adds to society. Some of the social initiatives run under the banner of Cognizance are SAVE (Sustaining And Valuing Environment), FIFA (Food Initiative For All), CARES (Covid Awareness and Relief Enactment Scheme) and UTSE (Uttarakhand Talent Search Examination). UNESCO recognised Cognizance’s initiatives. In addition, Make In India, CEE, SAYEN, TRI (Tribal Research Institute, Dehradun, Uttarakhand), Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Uttarakhand, and USERC (Uttarakhand Science Education & Research Centre), aim to uplift the quality and mindfulness among children. On the 16th of March, Team Cognizance, in association with Namami Gange, conducted a successful cleanliness drive at the Ganga Canal near IIT Roorkee. 

As Cognizance’23 is on the verge of its beginning, Team Cognizance at IIT Roorkee invites all the bright, interested minds from colleges nationwide to join in Cognizance 2023 and have the chance to explore new professions and abilities. Let’s work together to make this big event a success. 

Did you register for Cognizance’23? See you on the 24th of March! Visit:

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