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8 Facts You Didn’t Know About TenZ

8 Facts You Didn't Know About TenZ 

TenZ is one of the world’s most famous eSports professionals. As such, there is a great deal of information that fans already know about him. It’s well-known his real name is Tyson Ngo, and he has Vietnamese and French heritage. TenZ was born on May 5th 2001 on Vancouver Island in Canada. He turned professional in October 2019 as a Cloud9 team member playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive before switching to Valorant in April 2020. Here are some of the less familiar details about TenZ. 

1. CS:GO Aim Challenge 

TenZ regularly practices his shooting skills. Multiple times he has smashed the CS:GO Aim Challenge. Only newcomers to eSports may not know these facts, but what’s relatively unknown is the “insane” time he achieved in 2019. On July 26th of that year he recorded a time of just 28.165 seconds. On average, professionals usually take between 45 and 50 seconds to complete the challenge. Keep up to date by following for all the latest CSGO updates.

2. Valorant Rank 

When TenZ joined Valorant, he began as an Immortal, a level that’s only attained by 0.9% of the top 10% of the game’s combatants. He soon climbed higher, becoming the first ever player to achieve the ultimate status of Radiant, which back then was known as the Valorant level. There are now around 500 players who have emulated his achievement. 

3. Colorblind 

Tenz is always photographed wearing glasses. He’s known to be colorblind, an often genetic condition that leaves people unable to distinguish colors such as red and green. What people may not realize is that TenZ would inevitably have taken an Ishihara Color Test to determine the extent of his colorblindness. The condition might be eased by wearing glasses fitted with special lenses. 

4. Best Player 

TenZ apparently considers cNed, alias Mehmet Ipek, the best player in the EMEA Region. This covers European, Middle Eastern and North African countries. cNed is from Turkiye and only began his eSports career in 2020 at the age of twenty. 

5. Finalmouse 

Tenz collaborated with Finalmouse to produce the Starlight gaming mouse made of magnesium, the world’s most lightweight metal. 40,000 mice worth $7.6 

million sold out almost immediately. 

6. Compact Keyboard 

Tenz currently favors the Xtrfy K5 keyboard. It’s designed in Sweden and measures approximately 35.6 centimeters by 14.1 centimeters. 

7. Changeable Settings 

TenZ is famous for constantly changing his settings. He currently uses a cyan color crosshair with no central dot. The inner lines are set at 1-6-2-3. Every outer line is zero. The settings may have already changed, but there’s more information online about the TenZ crosshair. 

8. Valorant Agent Ranks 

TenZ has often favored Jett and Raze, but he recently issued his agent evaluation list. At the top he places Sova followed by Jett. He rates Breach, Cypher and Killjoy highly, but Viper is his least favorite agent.

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