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Blink camera is fully wireless and compact, so you can put it almost everywhere. Although Blink does not have an actual method to view their cameras on a computer, several other android emulators, such as Bluestacks or NOX, will allow you to do so. 

Do you have a Blink camera in your house? Then you will be curious if you can watch the feed right on your computer. So, continue reading to learn how to easily view blink cameras on a computer. 

What is a Blink Camera?

Blink camera is a small, wireless camera you may use to operate your house or office from anywhere in the world. Blink cameras are powered by powerful batteries. AA batteries power the blink cameras, which may be simply replaced when necessary or run out. Even in complete darkness, the camera can deliver HD and ultra-clear video. Using the blink home monitor App for PC, you can effortlessly manage the blink camera.

The Blink Camera App’s Features

  1. Add as many Blink camera devices as you want and manage them all from one place.
  1. Any activity in front of the camera will trigger a motion detection sensor.
  1. When recording or watching a live stream, a red LED is displayed to maintain safety.
  1. The Blink camera provides a high-definition 720p live stream.
  1. It displays the current temperature in front of the camera using a temperature sensor.
  1. At any time, you can manually or automatically arm or disarm the cameras.
  1. You may watch videos without any blur or distortion at any time of the day or night.

Benefits Of Blink Cameras On a Computer

Let’s see some of the benefits of blink cameras on a computer. It’s simple to use the Blink app on a computer and lets you watch your cameras from anywhere in the world. Two-way communication is one of the advantages of the Blink app on a computer. The camera can be used to take images near your computer screen, which will be stored on your computer. 

Installing the Blink app on a PC can be done in a number of different ways. The most usual way to get it is to download it from their app store, although there is a desktop app available. The blink camera can be a terrific method to keep an eye on the house at all times if you frequently need to leave the house. You can simply notice and respond to immoral acts because it includes motion detection. 

How Can You Install The Blink Home Monitor App On PC

The Blink Home Monitor app may be used on a PC by installing an Android emulator. You can install any Android app from the Play Store or from other sources. 

  1. Any Android emulator that is compatible with your operating system can be downloaded. You may easily do this by going to Google and typing in your search terms.
  1. The emulator is then installed and configured by following the instructions given on the software’s setup page.
  1. Launch the emulator application once the operation is complete. After that, complete the setup to begin using the simulated Android OS.
  1. On the emulator’s UI, the Play Store app should be accessible. Visit the Play Store to get the chosen app.
  1. Then search for Blink App and install it. You can now launch the Blink app from the emulator’s UI when the installation is complete.

How to Use the Blink App on Computer

On a Computer, the Blink app is similarly simple to set up. The following are the steps you must follow:

  • Install the Blink app on your computer.
  • From your computer’s screen, open the Android emulator. Click the Blink app icon to launch it once it has completed loading.
  • Follow the setup screen’s instructions to complete the program’s installation. You can then link the cameras by clicking on the add button.
  • The camera stream should appear on the app UI after you have successfully connected the camera. 
  • The app can then be expanded by adding more cameras. You can also change the position of the cameras.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Blink Camera

Is It Possible To Hack a Blink Camera?

Blink cameras, like other wireless devices, are vulnerable to hackers.

Is there a blink app for PC?

The Blink app may be used on a PC without any problems. Your video will be in perfect 720p HD quality. The app allows you to view the Blink camera’s live streaming.

Can The Blink App Be Used On Multiple Devices?

Yes, the Blink app can be installed on multiple devices. Using the Blink app on two or more devices will not cause any problems.

How Long Will The Batteries Last? 

On a single pair of two AA lithium batteries, your Blink cameras can last up to two years under normal use. A proprietary chip technology found only in Blink cameras allows for such long battery life. Furthermore, battery life varies depending on device settings, usage, and environmental conditions.

I Have Many Blink Systems; Can I Use The Same Account To Access Them All?

Yes. A single Blink App account can be used to access several Blink systems.

Where Can I Get The Blink App?

The Google Play Store is where you can get the Blink app for Android devices. The App Store’s iOS version can be found here.

What Kind Of Batteries Are Used By Blink Cameras? Is It Simple To Swap Them Out?

Two AA Lithium batteries power Blink battery-powered cameras. All systems come with batteries, which are simple to replace when necessary. New batteries can be purchased at your local hardware shop, pharmacy, or online. AA Lithium-Ion or Li-Ion batteries should not be used since they have a greater voltage and may create problems with your camera. Batteries that are alkaline or rechargeable are not recommended.

What Happens If I Lose Power Or Wifi?

If your Wi-Fi connection is lost, the Blink system will immediately restart normal operation once it is restored. 

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