Eddie Munson: The Best Stranger Things’ Character

Eddie Munson: The Best Stranger Things’ Character

A key character in Stranger Things’ fourth season was Edward “Eddie” Munson, who was portrayed by Joseph Quinn. Eddie Munson, the Hellfire Club’s dungeon master and an enthusiastic electric guitar player. He soon won the hearts of Stranger Things fans, including some who had never watched the show. Even though Eddie’s story ends on a sad note, he cannot be ignored or forgotten.  

Eddie Munson Bio

DiedMarch 27, 1986
ResidenceHawkins, Indiana
Relationship StatusSingle
FamilyWayne Munson (Uncle)
AffiliationHellfire Club, Corroded Coffin
Height5 Feet 10 Inches
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorDark Brown
Portrayed ByJoseph Quinn

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Early Life

Eddie was born in Hawkins, Indiana, in 1965. Al Munson was his father. Eddie’s father, Al, eventually ended being present in his life, and Wayne Munson, Eddie’s paternal uncle, took care of him. At Wayne’s trailer in Hawkins’ Forest Hills Trailer Park, the two people resided. Eddie went to Hawkins Middle School with Chrissy Cunningham in the 1970s. Eddie and Chrissy took part in a talent show that was held at Hawkins Middle School. Chrissy’s cheering impressed Eddie, whilst Corroded Coffin, Eddie’s rock band, impressed Chrissy. After attending Hawkins High School, the two eventually drifted apart , but Eddie never harbored animosity towards her. Eddie was the leader of the Hawkins High School Hellfire Club, a Dungeons & Dragons club that was hated by the school’s former students due to the growing notion that D&D was associated with Satan worship. 

As a result of these rumors and his taunting of the popular kids, Eddie thrived and developed a rivalry with Jason Carver, Chrissy’s boyfriend and a player on the basketball team at Hawkins High. Eddie was supposed to graduate in 1984 and again in 1985, but due to his rebellious streak and poor grades, he was delayed, which made him hate the principal of the school. 

Witnessing A Murder

Many of Hawkins’ teens went to a party after the game, but Eddie and Chrissy went to his trailer rather offering her a glimpse into his home life. Eddie introduced himself as living with his uncle and started looking at the trailer for “Special K,” referred to as ketamine. Eddie entered his room and kissed his guitar as he continued looking for ketamine while Chrissy gradually became paranoid in the living area. Chrissy was under Vecna’s curse when he got back to her and did not react when he shook her shoulders and told her to wake up. Eddie screamed in horror and fell backwards as she suddenly levitated and was ruthlessly killed by Vecna. He was terrified by what happened and fled afterward.


Eddie ran away from the police, who were searching for him and the entire town was on high alert because they thought he was involved in Chrissy’s murder. The only people who did not think Eddie had been involved in the murder and who thought he was just at the wrong location and time went looking for him: Max, Dustin, Robin, and Steve. They found him fast, and he had a chance to give them the specifics of the murder. The group rapidly understood what was going on and knew that Vecna was responsible for the murder. They informed him that the Upside Down is a parallel world and assisted him in hiding until they could decide what to do next. 

While Eddie was being sought after, Jason, Chrissy’s lover, and his group were searching for him because they thought Hellfire Club worshiped Satan and that Chrissy’s murder was a ritual they performed. Eddie managed to escape on a boat when Jason and his friends caught up with him, but not before Jason’s friend Patrick was brutally murdered after succumbing to Vecna’s curse.

Battle With Vecna

Eddie was able to share what happened with Patrick with Dustin, Steve, Robin, and Nancy after they eventually got back together. After learning Vecna’s location, the group made the decision to confront him in order to put an end to the murders.

The group rapidly got into difficulty with Demobats as they entered the Upside Down and only just managed to escape to devise a different strategy of action to end Vecna. After regrouping, they divided into two groups: Steve, Nancy, and Robin proceeded to Creel House through the woods to reach Vecna, while Dustin and Eddie went to his trailer in the Upside Down to try to create a diversion so the other group could approach Vecna. Eddie was successful in getting the Demobats’ attention by playing the iconic Metallica song “Master of Puppets.” Demobats swarmed Eddie as he flew away, hoping to buy time for others by diverting all attention to himself. In this try, he was determined to make his final stand and do something heroic. 


Eddie was a total nonconformist metalhead. Those who did not understand him despised him, but those who did adored him. Eddie enjoyed playing Dungeons & Dragons with his buddies and knew a lot about the game. Eddie first came across as intense, pushy, and scary. He took D&D and not adhering to usual cliques like the basketball team very seriously. Eddie, on the other hand, was proven to be exceedingly friendly, open-minded, comforting, and a jokester, unlike the normal cliques. Eddie did not take the Upside Down’s exposure lightly. With all the chaos and evil around him, he became easily agitated and began to curse.

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