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The Future of Electric Cars in India | EV Market & Trends in India

What is the future of Electric Vehicles in India

The Government of India has decided to promote electric vehicles in India to mitigate environmental pollution. To encourage more and more people to purchase electric vehicles, the Indian Government also announced various subsidies and tax cuts. The adoption of electric vehicles is the only option available to reduce the environmental crisis and increase energy efficiency. It not only offers benefits to the environment but it has much more to offer you. There are many best electric cars and 10 of the best electric scooters available in India which are launched by popular brands. Also in the upcoming months or years, more electric vehicles will be launched for sure. 

So, if you are thinking about buying a vehicle then you should choose electric vehicles instead of conventional vehicles. If you want to know the future of electric vehicles then read the complete article. 

What is an Electric Vehicle?

Electric Car
Electric Car

All the electric vehicles are also known as battery electric vehicles which run on electricity. Electric vehicle has an electric motor instead of a combustion engine that generates power by burning a mix of fuel and gases. There are three types of electric vehicles available in India.

  • Hybrid Electric Vehicles(HEV)
  • Battery Electric Vehicle(BEV)
  • Plug-in-Hybrid Electric Vehicle(PHEV)

Last-Miles Deliveries

To reduce the carbon footprints from this earth, some Last-miles delivery companies take the decision by themselves to use electric vehicles for transportation. Currently, grocery and food delivery is on rising so switching to the electric vehicle is a good option. 

Campaigns for EV Adoption

As petrol prices are increasing, many states in India have already started the usage of electric vehicles. Delhi and Calcutta are the pioneers in this aspect. They have promoted electronic rickshaws that are environmentally friendly and economical. The currently propelled Switch Delhi Campaign seems an amazing response for the electric vehicle industry. One amazing fact is in Delhi there are over one lakh e-rickshaws on the street. This development encourages private vehicle owners to switch to electric vehicles. The Government is promoting electric vehicles in India in various ways like reducing the GST and import duty, loans for approximately 1.5Lakhs exemption for purchasing electric vehicles, custom duty exemption for importing electric vehicle parts, etc.

Advantages of Electric Vehicle

There are several factors in the automobile industry that make electric vehicles a winner. Below is some important factor are: 

Pollution Free

Electric vehicles help to reduce air pollution as well as noise pollution. It can reduce the air pollution in urban Indian cities to the greatest extent. Electric vehicles use batteries so they do not emit. As we all know electric vehicles are not used, internal combustion engines or we can say it has fewer parts which have less or no sound as compared to conventional vehicles. This helps to mitigate noise pollution, especially in crowded urban areas. Electric vehicles are lightweight and give a smooth drive with a high speed over long distances than traditional vehicles. 

Good Savings

Electric vehicles really do save money. Gasoline and diesel prices are increasing day by day. Electric vehicles are cheaper than conventional vehicles. The Government of India offers different incentives and tax relaxation for the buyer through which a buyer can get a benefit to save their money. Using an electric vehicle is beneficial these days as it has less running costs, less maintenance.

Low Operational Cost

It is estimated that approximately 75-80% of fuel expenditures are reduced with the use of electric vehicles. Electric vehicles have 75% fewer moving components that ultimately creates a much lesser maintenance bill. It has a lower operating cost and is cheaper from a fuel and maintenance perspective. 

Challenges for Adoption of Electric Vehicle in India

High Costs

Electric vehicles are a bit expensive due to lower maintenance costs. We can say that electric vehicles are environmentally friendly but they are not pocket friendly at all. Due to the expensive battery packs, electric vehicles are more expensive than conventional vehicles. 

Limited Options

Since it is still an emerging industry in India. The customers still have very limited choices of products. There is a variety of electric vehicles available and it will not stop growing but when it comes to buying an electric vehicle it has significantly fewer options than the internal combustion engine.

Charging Infrastructure

The lack of charging infrastructure is one of the reasons why customers frequently abstain from acquiring electric vehicles. Currently, India needs to provide sufficient charging infrastructure to boost the adoption of electric vehicles by Indian customers. In the fuel station, you can not find the electric vehicle charging station frequently. Major metro cities have adequate charging stations but not in other cities. Due to the lack of charging infrastructure the customer has anxiety that the vehicle may not run long without charging. 

Driving Range

The driving range is another barrier of electric vehicles because the range of the electric vehicle is less as compared to the internal combustion engine vehicle. The customers have the range anxiety that the electric vehicle might not have a sufficient range to reach their destination. 

The conventional vehicle can be fueled at petrol stations but what about the electric vehicle? As the regularized infrastructure is not yet available for electric vehicles.


The electric vehicle market in India is rapidly moving ahead and more incentives have been introduced. The electric future is closer to us than we think. The country is currently focusing on reaching a high level of electric vehicle adoption by 2030. Electric vehicles are the future of mobility. The customers are habitual of conventional vehicles so rapid shift to electric vehicles will be a bit hard for them. By the time we can expect that it is growing to a great extent. 

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Written by Ishan Mishra

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