The Best Three Point Shooters In NBA 2K23

The Best Three Point Shooters In NBA 2K23

The NBA has used three-point shooting more and more in recent years. Shooting from beyond the arc has changed from being a challenging skill to a crucial aspect of NBA 2K each year, following a similar trajectory. Finding the top three-point shooters in every game is ideal given its rising relevance, and NBA 2K23 is no exception.

In the most recent version of NBA 2K, the jump shot has been changed to make it much harder to knock down shots consistently, so it is extremely crucial to grab great floor-spacers. This ranking of the top five three-point shooters in NBA 2K23 was created as a result.

Stephanie Curry

3PT Rating: 99

Team: Golden State Warriors

There is no greater player than the man who revolutionized basketball to start off our list. The Golden State Warriors and Curry are both major contributors to the three-point shot’s increase in popularity over the previous ten years. As a result, he receives the best rating in the game and is given access to a variety of shooting badges that should keep him raking in the points the entire time.

Desmond Walton Jr.

3PT Rating: 89

Team: Free Agent

If reading the name Derrick Walton Jr. has you scratching your head, you are not alone. Walton, a free agent who has played sparingly in the NBA, has the second-highest outside scoring rating in the whole game. You might question, “Why is that?” He’s not great at anything else, though. His overall NBA 2K23 rating is barely 69, with his inside scoring and defending being clear weaknesses. He should be on this list nonetheless.

Desmond Bane

3PT Rating: 88

Team: Memphis Grizzlies

Due to Bane’s outstanding scoring efficiency, Ja Morant in Memphis has the ideal number 2 option. The 30th choice in his draft class has established himself as one of the league’s top shooters despite only being in the league for two years. With his outstanding all-around performance, Bane is the ideal knock-down shooter to add to your team.

Luke Kennard

3PT Score: 88

Team: Los Angeles Clippers

The Duke product established himself in the league as a shooting specialist, and over the course of his career, that reputation has only expanded. He had a remarkable 0.449% three-point shooting percentage last season, earning him an impressive three-point rating of 88. He is a normal shooter who, in our opinion, has a jump shot that is quite simple to learn.

Klay Thompson

3PT Rating: 88

Team: Golden State Warriors

The second Splash Bros. could not be left off of any list of NBA 2K23’s top three-point shooters. Thompson, Curry’s accomplice, has recently been hindered by injury, but he continues to be one of the game’s best shooters. He has a ton of shooting credentials, just like his teammate, making him a lock tremendous make field goals.


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