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Electric Snowmobiles: Taiga Motors Manufactures The World’s First Electric Snowmobiles


Taiga Motors is one of the few companies working to take an all-electric snowmobile to market, which is a section of the transportation industry in severe need of cleaner alternatives. The electric motor has been around for decades but has just now been deployed in public commercial vehicles. Although electric cars as well as other passenger vehicles receive the most of the focus, an electric snowmobile is another fascinating prospect of this developing trend. In this post, you will learn everything there is to know about electric snowmobiles. So, keep reading!

The Very First Snowmobile Powered by Electricity

he Very First Snowmobile Powered by Elec tricity

Snowmobiling is similar to jet skiing, and that is done on snow. The snowmobile not only gives us a thrilling ride, but also allows us to explore places that are difficult to access on foot, ski, or snowshoe. A snowmobile, also known as a snow machine or ski-doo, is a small motorized vehicle with skis in the front that is controlled by a steering wheel and goes on crawlers. Because the crawlers pave the path, this machine does not at all require a particular route. Furthermore, it is simple to drive, at least at a decent speed. The majority of people can easily drive it.

The Taiga TS2 is the world’s first mass-market electric snowmobile. Taiga is a Montreal-based start-up that has led the charge in the development of electric snowmobiles in recent years. The company was founded in 2015, and its research and development methodology was greatly influenced by Tesla. In the year 2018, the first test versions of the TS2 were exhibited to industry insiders and the press. The TS2 is presently unavailable for purchase, however, Taiga has a number of electric snowmobiles ready for pre-order. You simply can not take one in your place right now from the dealer, but you may place an order for delivery later. 

Taiga is presently taking pre-orders for three different models named Ekko, ATLAS, NOMAD that show a progression from the original TS designs. All of these are set to be released in the fall of 2022. 

Taiga Ekko Electric Snowmobile

Taiga Ekko Electric Snowmobile

The Ekko is a backcountry sled with a mountain-style design. The Ekko is available in two versions: a “standard” version having 120 horsepower and a “performance” version having 180 horsepower. The standard version has a range of 61 miles, while the extended version has a range of 81 miles. The rest of the technical details are shown below.

Taiga Ekko Electric Snowmobile

Taiga Atlas Electric Snowmobile

Taiga Atlas Electric Snowmobile

The standard Atlas version features a 120-hp electric drive for a 3.7-second standstill-to-100-km/h time; the track is smaller and slimmer than the Ekko at 137x 15x 1.6 in (348x 38x 4 cm); the front suspension is double wishbone, however, the rear suspension has 300 mm of travel. 

The performance Atlas has a 180-hp drivetrain for a 2.9-second zip to 100 km/h and a range of 140 km per charge (87 miles). Check the other technical specification that is given below.

Taiga Nomad Electric Snowmobile

Taiga Nomad Electric Snowmobile

Taiga Nomad Electric Snowmobile

The standard Nomad version has a 90-horsepower electric drive, a 154x 16 x 1.6-in (391 x 40x 4-cm) studded track, and a range of 100 kilometers per charge. The front suspension can move up to 224 mm, while the multilink rear suspension is identical to the Atlas. This version includes seats for two people, with the passenger’s back support. The Nomad performance version has a 120-hp drive, may tow up to 510 kilograms (1,124 lb), and has a range of up to 134 kilometers (83 miles) per charge. 

Advantages Of Electric Snowmobile

Advantages Of Electric Snowmobile

Electric snowmobiles have a number of benefits, one of which is that they produce no emissions because they do not utilize fuel to generate power. Electric snowmobiles are claimed as being pollution-free. Electric motors may indeed be good for the environment in general, but they are not entirely from an ecological perspective. 

Another significant advantage of an electric snowmobile is its speed. One will enjoy riding an electric snowmobile if one enjoys riding fast. TS2 promises 0-60 in 3 seconds and their other Taiga models are any sign that one is in a wild ride with the electric vehicle

Electric motors also require less upkeep than gas-powered choices. Because there are fewer moving components, maintenance costs are expected to be cheaper over the machine’s lifespan.  

Disadvantages Of Electric Snowmobile

The most significant disadvantage is the limited range of a battery charge. One only can ride for as long as the battery lasts. They can’t keep going if they run out of charge. Electric snowmobiles currently have a range of 80-110 miles. Although this is sufficient for a pleasant day on the trails, it is insufficient for touring. 

This takes a long time for a depleted battery to recharge to full capacity. When you run out of gas on a conventional snowmobile, you can refuel it in minutes. At finest, it will take hours for a full recharge. Another drawback is since electric snowmobiles are uncommon, nothing is known regarding common difficulties, longevity, and other concerns you may have if you own this. Repairs will be less frequent, which may save you money well over the life of your snowmobile. However, if you have a severe mechanical issue, getting it fixed fast could be a hassle.

Difference Between Traditional Snowmobiles And Electric Snowmobiles 

Difference Between Traditional Snowmobiles And Electric Snowmobiles 
  • The traditional snowmobile has less acceleration than an electric snowmobile. Options for high performance can also differ. While electric snowmobiles have incredible acceleration and high speeds. 
  • Traditional snowmobiles have 2-stroke engines that emit harmful emissions into the environment. Electric sleds do not emit any emissions. 
  • Traditional sleds make quite a noise. While the electric snowmobile is almost completely silent.
  • The cost of traditional sleds differs. Costs of upkeep are anticipated. The purchase price of an electric snowmobile is higher, but the lifetime maintenance costs are cheaper. 
  • Traditional sleds are supposed to be maintained on a regular basis and are easily available. Electric snowmobiles require less maintenance, but qualified mechanics are still not abundant.
  • The range of a typical snowmobile is determined by the capacity of the gas tank, but it is usually more than that of an electric snowmobile. Filling up is easier. Electric snowmobiles have a range of about 200 miles/150 kilometers at the moment. Recharge times are long.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Electric snowmobiles are manufactured by which companies?

Taiga is now the only company that makes a production snowmobile and it is available for sale. Though these are still not accessible but will be in the fall of 2022. In the next 5 years, it can be predicted that several big manufacturers will offer choices.

2. Is it safe to ride an electric snowmobile?

While operating a moving vehicle, there are significant risks. The greater acceleration and speed end up making them slightly riskier, and regardless of what type of vehicle you’re on, one must safely drive. 

3. How long does it take to fully charge an electric snowmobile?

The amount of time it takes to charge your snowmobile is determined by its charging capability. Normal charging with a standard DC outlet (level1) may take up to 14 hours. Level 2 charging will take approximately 3 hours, and level 3 charging will take as little as 30 minutes.

4. What is the cost of an electric snowmobile?

Taiga electric snowmobiles are now available for pre-order for approximately $15,000 or less, based on features and delivery time. Although it is pretty expensive for a snowmobile, that is not that much compared to those other high-end gas-powered choices. 

5. On a single charge, how far can an electric snowmobile go?

Electric snowmobiles now have a restricted range on a single charge. Using current batteries, you may anticipate travelling 130-150 kilometers (80-110 miles). As battery technology improves, this is expected to rise.

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Written by Ishan Mishra

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