Electric Bikes: Your Solution to the Current Gas and Fuel Prices

The global prices of fuel have been soaring, leaving most people anxious about their regular travel. As people look for alternatives, electric bikes are seeing a significant rise in demand. In India, bikes have always been popular among the masses. However, will you be able to find hybrid charging points for your bike? 

In this article, we’ll walk you through the pros of using electric bikes for your daily commutes and enjoying the freedom of traveling at your own pace. You’ll also learn about charging your e-bike using BOLT, one of the best EV charging companies helping you have a smoother journey. 

Below, we discuss what led to this sudden increase in fuel prices. 

Why the Hike in Fuel Prices?

After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the fuel prices saw a dramatic increase in their prices. This is because Russia is one of the biggest suppliers of fuel in the global market. Due to the war, businesses haven’t been able to supply from Russia, leading to an instant supply shock. 

Subsequently, countries like the US also banned Russian energy in an attempt to impose sanctions. EU countries have also been looking for alternatives to obtain their fuel from elsewhere. This has put undue pressure on other global suppliers of fuel who have had to adjust their supply levels. 

What is the outlook for the near future though? Governments worldwide have been changing their policy decisions to ease the people’s hardships because of the increasing prices. The Indian Government announced tax cuts on fuel in May 2022 as a temporary relief. It’s unclear when this situation will come to an end, but countries have already started looking for alternatives—ones that are greener, more sustainable, and bring down the cost of living. 

In many countries, electric bikes have gone up in demand as a substitute for fuel-powered vehicles. 

It could only be a matter of time until the pace picks up in India, where 2-wheelers have always been a popular mode of travel. Instead of pumping fuel to our motorbikes, we’ll soon be charging their batteries at a fraction of the cost! 

Now, it’s time to discover how electric bikes can be a viable alternative for regular commuters.

How Much Does an E-bike Cost?

Electric bikes can be less expensive compared to regular fuel-powered bikes. That rarely paints the whole picture though. How does an e-bike compare to the charging cost and how far can an e-bike go with a fully-charged battery?

Running Cost of an E-bike in India

The running costs of an electric bike is lower than that of a fuel-powered bike. How much lower does it go though? To help you with the comparison between both modes of transport, we have prepared a table below. Let’s have a look at the running costs of an e-bike and fuel-powered bike: 

E-bikeFuel-powered bike
Distance per unit100-120km per fully-charged battery40-50km per liter
Required energy3-4 units of electricity to a full charge10-13 liters to fill the tank
Cost of the required energy₹ 25-35 for 3.5 units of electricity₹ 950-1350 for a full tank of 10-13 liters
Cost per kmAround ₹ .20-30 per kmAround ₹ 2 per km

Are running costs the only advantage of an e-bike? No, in fact, electric bikes have many other advantages to convince you. Below, we’ll go through these advantages.

3 Other Advantages of Choosing an E-bike

The e-bike industry boasts of a sophisticated infrastructure that will make traveling a smooth experience. India can also flex about the best EV charging companies and hybrid-charging points to boost the e-bike revolution in India. Below are 3 more advantages of using an e-bike for your regular commutes.  

1. An Eco-friendly Solution

Internal combustion mechanisms in fuel-based bikes create toxic emissions, are released into our environment. The more fuel-based bikes, the more toxins being released into the air. As a result, air pollution and lung-related diseases increase. This has become an essential consideration when we decide to purchase a vehicle, as we aim to contribute to limiting air pollution. 

Against this backdrop, it’s important to choose an alternative that won’t further deteriorate the quality of air, especially in heavily-congested urban parts of India. E-bikes are an excellent choice as they release zero emission into the air. As the owner of an e-bike, you’ll enjoy guilt-free commutes without having to worry about your carbon footprint on each of your trips. Remember, a healthier environment equals a healthier lifestyle!

2. Charging Convenience

Charging an electric bike is a hassle-free experience. This is also due to the thriving EV charging industry in India—you can get your e-bike charged from your home or any shared or public charging station across the country. India already has some of the best EV charging companies, which have set up hybrid charging points across the country. 

For instance, BOLT installed over 10K chargers in six months ending in March 2022. It’s also set to install 100K more charging spots that you can use as your electric scooter charger. You are set for a smooth ride if you install an electric scooter charger at your home from one of our best EV charging companies. For great quality and a great price, have a look at the BOLT charger, the pioneer in the EV charging industry in India. 

3. Low Maintenance

Do you know a fuel-powered scooter has around 2000 fuel-powered moving parts? On the other hand, an e-bike has only around 20 moving parts. Although you should service your e-bike annually, the actual cost and time of looking after your vehicle are in fact, negligible. All you need to do is to keep your vehicle clean, charge properly, check tires regularly, and apply lubrication to moving parts when required. E-bikes are robust, flexible, lightweight, and make little noise on the road—all of which are amazing benefits to have for your regular commute!

Have you made up your mind yet on the advantages of owning an electric bike? Continue reading to find out what we think.  

Final Thoughts

We are at a critical juncture in transforming the vehicle industry as we know it. We continued to depend heavily on fuel-powered vehicles, fully knowing the risks associated with toxic emissions, noise pollution, affordability, and accessibility. That said, now we’re pushed to rethink our methods and turn to electric vehicles, in particular e-bikes. 

Electric bikes offer many advantages over a fuel-powered vehicle, including the most obvious benefit of lowering your transport cost. They’re also environmentally friendly, lightweight, and require low maintenance. They might even include tax deductions sometimes when purchasing due to your state government policies. India is now home to some of the best EV charging companies, including BOLT. Your journey will be more enjoyable and you won’t have to worry about running out of power mid-journey! Having said this, it’s clear that e-bikes are the best viable alternative to the rising fuel costs and your unpredictable cost of living.   

What do you think?

Written by Ishan Mishra

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